Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Two for one offers from Star Clippers

If you aren't familiar with TravLTips, a bi-monthly publication chock full of first-person accounts of freighter and cruise trips -- with heavy emphasis on adventurous cruising, small-ship expedition-style cruising and the like -- you may want to check it out. And now is an especially good time, because if you sign up for a free trial membership you can take advantage of a very attractive offer from the Star Clippers tall ship mega-yacht cruise line. (With a 226-foot-high mast, the Star Clipper is said to be the tallest tall ship in the world and cuts quite a romantic figure.)

If you book a seven-night Star Clippers cruise in the western Mediterranean -- including the French and Italian rivieras and Corsica -- for the June 9 or September 1 voyages, you can receive the next seven nights free on the June 16 and September 8 itineraries. (The follow-up weeks hit more Riviera and Corsica hotspots plus Sardinia and Elba.) Rates start as low as $1,945 per passenger for what becomes a two-week cruise.

The major restriction is that you have to be a North American resident. Go to the TravLTips website, www.travltips.com, to sign up for your free membership (which gets you two issues of the magazine). You can then book one of these cruises or take advantage of many other special offers available through TravLTips.

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