Monday, March 19, 2007

EasyCruise extends its Greek Islands cruises

EasyCruise, which has made a big splash in the cruise industry with its no-frills, low-fare voyages through exotic locales, has just extended its schedule of Greek Islands cruises for this summer. The EasyCruise Greek itineraries will now start May 18th and run until November 11, 2007.

EasyCruise is forging new ground (well, water) among cruise lines by offering its passengers a choice of staying on board for as few as two days and as many as 14; how's that for flexibility? And for one of its Greek Island mini-breaks of a couple of days, you could spend as little as $39 per person if sharing a cabin for two. Or you could cruise for an entire week on its new Classical Greece itinerary for as little as $135 per person based on double occupancy.

To keep fares low, EasyCruise does not include food or much in the way of activities in its rates. But it sails mostly in the mornings and stays in port much later than almost any other cruise line, so that you can eat lunch and dinner on shore and enjoy the nightlife in each port as well (it caters to a mostly young crowd). And on-board amenities do include a sauna, hot tub, a bar and restaurant, sundecks, gym, disco, and even a new spa, some of which cost extra, while others are included in the price.

EasyCruise also has itineraries in the Caribbean, northern Europe, and other parts of the Mediterranean. Get all the details at

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