Saturday, May 5, 2007

Norwegian Coastal Voyage offers variety of discounts

Norwegian Coastal Voyage, which now extends its offerings far beyond the Norwegian fjords, is offering a variety of discounts that appeal to seniors, repeat passengers, solo passengers, and anyone who books early. Special savings apply on destinations as far-flung as Greenland, Antarctica, Spitsbergen, and even on its September 18, 2007, "pole-to-pole" itinerary from Iceland to the tip of Argentina.

Members of AARP are eligible for savings of up to $150 per cabin; passengers of 67 or older can get reduced fares of up to $135 per person; repeat passengers can save up to $300 per person; those who book an Antarctica or Coastal Voyage (Norway) by May 31 can save up to $1,100 per person; and solo travelers can book a cabin on the Coastal Voyage without paying a single supplement on non-summer sailings.

Except for the early booking special, you can combine any of the other discounts, so a 67-year-old single repeat passenger could do very well.

I've taken the Norwegian Coastal Voyage along the Norway coast from Bergen over the North Cape to Kirkenes near the Russian border, and I can attest that it's earned its reputation as the "World's Most Beautiful Voyage." Not only does it traverse some gorgeous fjords and pass countless snow-capped peaks along the way, but it stops at some of the most remote and northernmost towns you'll ever visit. Absolutely fascinating.

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