Friday, January 19, 2007

Time to (shiver) think about Alaska cruising

If you're caught in one of the winter storms currently sweeping through much of the U.S. and Europe, you may not have Alaska on your mind at the moment. But if you've been thinking about taking a cruise to Alaska this summer, now's the time to get serious about booking. Alaska's great appeal (glaciers, scenery, wildlife, etc) combined with its relatively short cruising season -- May to September -- makes for high demand. So if you're looking to sail at a particular time, you want a certain type of cabin, or you'll be traveling with more than two people, you'll want to book your cruise no later than January or February. For an overview of the upcoming Alaska cruise season, read my cover story Cruising Alaska: A Discovery for All Generations, from this month's EnCompass magazine (the Colorado AAA publication). I also recommend the website for detailed, up-to-date info on the Alaska cruising scene.

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